Videoconferencing has many considerable advantages allowing people to work effectively and achieve better results:

Accelerated decision making process.
Videoconferencing provides a possibility to contact your colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners without leaving office, thus it saves time of all persons involved and accelerates the decision making process.

Improved communication. During videoconferencing one can see facial expressions and body language which are of great advantage in comparison with a telephone conversation. Videoconferencing certainly cannot replace meeting in person, however, in many cases this will be sufficient communication. Videoconferencing is usually more successful if participants have met before in person and communicate with each other on a regular basis.

Decreased costs. Videoconferencing saves time and decreases travel and hotel expenses. In addition, it arouses employees’ feeling of comfort and safety and relieves tiredness connected with travelling.

Protection of environment. Since employees have no need to use cars or travel by plane, emission of carbon dioxide is decreased in the atmosphere thus protecting environment.

Technical possibilities. Today’s internet connection speed is sufficient to ensure high-quality videoconferencing. In addition to video image transmission it is also possible to show information from the computer to other participants, for instance, the PowerPoint presentation all participants can discuss together. Videoconferencing session can be recorded and watched or distributed later, but the participants not present are offered a possibility to connect from distance and watch and hear what is going on.

When developing a videoconferencing solution several conditions should be taken into account – how many users will be in the same place at the same time (whether a system will be used by one person or several people), among how many places communication will be established, whether image transmission from the computer is necessary, whether recording option is required etc.

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