Interactive solutions

Writing notes on conventional whiteboards do not save them or you have to spend time for rewriting. Interactive solutions make meetings, presentations and teaching-learning process more attractive and interesting, as well as improve mutual communication, for such computer-prepared materials like presentation slides can be used during work process, allowing you to prepare and provide participants with comprehensive content without any restrictions. Since everything that has been written or drawn can be saved, printed and forwarded by e-mail, the participants may entirely concentrate on the learning process.

Interactive display
A touch-sensitive display that allows you to control your computer, use whiteboard mode, or annotate on open media with your hand or pen. High quality, long lasting solution, high image resolution, precision and ease of use. We offer a glass board with a built-in interactive display with the ability to write on the glass surface with ordinary chalk and liquid chalk..

Interactive whiteboard
One of the interactive solutions is interactive whiteboard together with a projector and a computer. The whiteboard can be fixed on a wall or portable with a stand. The latter has height-adjustable stand (manually adjustable), which allows people of different height work comfortably. The fixed whiteboard on a wall can also be installed with a height-adjustable fastening. We recommend using ultra-short throw wide angle projectors mounted directly above the whiteboard, thus the light of projector lamp does not dazzle the user and a shadow on the whiteboard is also smaller than the one on conventional or wide angle projectors.

Interactive receiver
An alternative to the interactive whiteboard is eBeam receiver which can be fixed practically to any surface and make it touch-sensitive. The eBeam receiver is usually fixed to the whiteboard (better to an enamel coated whiteboard for long-lasting use), and dimensions of the active surface can be up to 200 x 150 centimetres. Both interactive whiteboard and eBeam system require a projector connected to the computer, and in this case we also recommend using ultra-short throw wide angle projectors.

Interactive surface
Displays can be made touch-sensitive by means of a special interactive surface. This is a convenient way of obtaining touch-sensitive surface and thus using the computer. It is especially suitable for small rooms and exhibitions.

Interactive panel
Interactive panel is monitor with a touch-sensitive surface controlled by an electronic writing stylus. The set includes software which enables the user to perform the same functions as the interactive whiteboard, however in this case the action is carried out from a lecturer’s place of work. This system is especially designed for large rooms where the image is projected on a large screen.

Voting system
Voting system makes teaching process more attractive and allows lecturers to evaluate competence of participants. By means of the voting system people can ask questions that have several answers, take tests and conduct surveys.
The participants answer by using wireless consoles, and the system analyses and checks the answers given, thus saving the time of lecturers.

Wireless tablet
You can write and control computer on this small and light board with a wireless writing tool. Thanks to the wireless principle, the tablet can be comfortably carried around and given to other participants for entering information.

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