Audiovisual solutions

Usually development of an audio visual solution begins with finding out your needs and inspecting the room. After inspecting the room and understanding your requirements we will offer you the most adequate sound system, visual presentation and signal switching technologies.

Visual presentation equipment
We will calculate the recommended size of a screen and light capacity of data/video projector by taking into account dimensions of a room and lighting conditions. Screens are of different type – portable or fixed, for front projection or rear projection, manual pull down screens or electric (motorized) screens. There are screens with extra functions, for instance, with a tab-tensioning system which holds the material of a screen completely flat and wrinkle-free, thus preventing its edges from becoming deformed. We also offer in-ceiling projector screens which are hidden in the ceiling until you start to use them. Similarly, projectors can be in-ceiling with special lifts. When choosing a projector, it is important to know its usage load, as well as signal resolution and format parameters. If the room is small it is possible to use LCD or plasma screens instead of a projector.

Sound systems
Sound system solutions usually consist of several parts.
Loudspeaker system in a room. Loudspeakers can be ceiling mount or in-wall devices. There are broadband loudspeakers (mainly designed for voice and background music transmission on conference premises) and separate loudspeakers for high frequency and low frequency (subwoofers) which ensure better audio range. Loudspeakers can be divided into low resistance loudspeakers, usually from 4 to 16 ohms, and 100 V line loudspeakers. Advantage of the first ones is broader range of frequencies and larger capacity, while advantage of the latter ones is a possibility to use longer and more inexpensive connection cables. Active loudspeakers are a special loudspeaker system which have built-in amplifiers and sometimes even direct connection of a microphone.
Amplifier. Depending on functionality of a room it can be stereo or mono, sometimes also multi-channel/home theatre. In large rooms preference is given to mono systems, since standard solutions cannot provide full stereo sound for entire area of the room. Amplifiers can also be divided according to the structure of amplifier’s output stage – low-resistance amplifiers or amplifiers with 100 V line transformers. Standard amplifiers can be adjusted at the sound output level only, therefore a preamplifier is connected at their input.
Preamplifier. A preamplifier device has the following main functions: a tone block, mixer controls, a microphone amplifier and a signal switch. This device is responsible for receiving all the possible sound signals from sources (microphones, players, computers, external sources), putting them together in one audio signal, correcting parameters according to the room parameters and passing the signal to an amplifier. A possibility of integration into a public addressing audio system can be a separate function.
Microphones and sound sources. Two types of microphones can be used on the conference premises – fixed microphones on podiums and tables and radio microphones. If necessary, radio microphones can be used from the hall, for instance in press conferences. Microphones in large conference halls can be combined into a single system called a discussion system.

Signal switching
An audio visual solution should be well thought-out and meet your requirements, therefore it is essential to consider what will be the possible connection sources and how many (for instance, computers, DVD players, document cameras, connection points in a table). Depending on the devices displaying signals (projectors, LCD or plasma screens), solution should also include appropriate signal switching devices which make it possible to switch among different input sources and ensure that image appears on screens.

If you are using several devices it is possible to install control system and program consecutive control commands for your convenience, for instance, by pressing one button DVD player, sound amplifier and projector turn on and electric screen comes down.

In addition, we will offer the necessary cables and calculate their length, as well as ensure installation of all the equipment, user training and service.

Please ask and we will gladly help you to choose the most appropriate solution.

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