Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia

Successfully implemented presentation technology solution, which had to take into account the design of the room with solid wood decoration and luxurious chandeliers. The projection image is made by a Panasonic wide-angle lens projector with a Barco ClickShare wireless presentation solution, enabling users to easily share content from both computers and mobile devices without cables.


RPNC Museum

In the newly renovated RPNC Museum premises, we delivered a set of audio visual equipment. For customer's convenience, the content is played from the BrightSign content player, which provides remote content download possibility and the on/off timer for the operation independently from user.
The first Museums Night Event has been successfully performed!


Riga Maternity Hospital

SensusLab has delivered and installed equipment at the Riga Maternity Hospital. Due to the length of the cable between the wall connection and the projector, an Atlona connection wall plate was installed that converts the HDMI and VGA/audio signals to the HDBaseT signal standard, providing a signal transmission of up to 70 meters along the twisted pair cable. Since the supplied Panasonic projector has an HDBaseT / Digital link input, only a Cat6 cable is connected to the projector for signal connection.


has delivered and installed equipment to Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Additionally to visual presentation and audio devices, equipment control system is installed in conference hall, to make possible for users to turn on and off all equipment with the pressure of one button, to change audio inputs and volume level. From lectern it is easy to talk at attendants and it is possible to connect portable computer for presentations.

Image gallery

Vehicle production company’s AMO PLANT JSC meeting and lecture rooms are equipped with projection and audio devices. Table and wall connection boxes are used for equipment connection.


Duntes biroji meeting room is equipped with interactive screen and audio system. Touch sensitive screen functionality is ensured with wide angle projector, installed close to the wall.


Projector, screen and audio devices are installed in Riga Secondary School No. 72. In addition wall connection box for computer and video sources is mounted.


Company has delivered and installed projection and audio system to meeting room. Projector has wireless data connection capabilities, therefore there is no need for cable connection with computer.


We have equipped company's Froks Ltd. office with audio and visual presentation equipment. Meeting room is equipped with projector with a wireless data connection that provides a computer connection to the projector without cables. In the office premises multi zone audio solution has been implemented, providing to user an independent audio source selection and volume level adjustment.


Company has participated in the project aimed at developing and implementing the solution, where a five-metre wide touch-sensitive image projection on the floor of Riga Central Railway Station was realized. Customer Eyemedia Ltd.


Club Jameson was equiped with projector and screen to enjoy sport and other events on big screen.

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